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Protect Your Home PC from Virus Infection

Does your slow computer make communicating with friends and family frustrating instead of fun? Are you plagued with constant pop-up ads even when you're not browsing the internet? Your laptop or PC may be infected by malicious software. Viruses infect millions of computers, mobile devices and networks daily, costing hundreds of billions, compromising your personal and financial information, violating your privacy and in some cases seriously harming your computer.

Computer Service Authority can help. Our expert technicians can come to your home (in the Dallas - Fort Worth area) or remotely connect to your computer to diagnose your problem. After we fix your laptop or computer, we'll install the latest antivirus software and teach you how to avoid malware infections in the future. You can trust your computer to the technology experts at Computer Service Authority.

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Protect Your Business and Network

Securing your business computers and networks from malware infection is a difficult challenge. Even if you've taken security measures and actively monitor employee behavior, you face one threat that can't be eliminated — your customers and vendors. According to recent reports 58.25% of computers in the United States are infected. Roughly six out of ten customers who contact your business are infected by known malware. Now more than ever, a comprehensive, practical plan to manage these growing attacks is critical.

Computer Service Authority can help. Our expert technicians and network specialists have twenty years of experience protecting businesses (and their customers) from virus and malware attacks . We'll assess your specific needs and establish employee protocols, then secure your computers, networks, servers, printers, portable drives and mobile devices. We'll install or upgrade antivirus and other key software and train your staff in best practices. Trust the technology experts to make your business a secure one.

Understanding Malware Terms

Sometimes used as a catch-all term for all malware, a virus is a small program or any executable code that is capable of replicating itself through email, company networks, the internet, USB drives… even CDs and DVDs.
Short for malicious software, malware includes a variety of programs or program types designed to infiltrate a user's computer without their knowledge. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware, spyware, rootkits, crimeware and scareware.
A self-replicating computer program designed to spread throughout a network often exploiting security holes in a given operating system. Many computer worms only spread, but some deliver "payloads" which may delete or encrypt files and email private documents. Computer worms can strain computer networks to the point of failure and more recently have been installing backdoors to create "zombie" computers as part of a botnet.
Infected computers that are secretly under the control of the botnet author. This network of "zombie" computers is then put to work. It has been estimated that about a quarter of all computers connected to the internet are part of at least one botnet and that just six botnets are responsible for 85% of all spam, which in turn makes up the vast majority of all email traffic. These botnets, which in some cases represent more computing power than most countries, are rented to the highest bidder to attack servers.
Trojan or Trojan Horse
Derived from the Greek myth of the same name, a trojan horse is simply a computer program that claims to be something it's not, often masquerading as desirable or even commercial software, when in reality, it is providing unauthorized access to the user's computer.
Adware / Spyware
Adware is any software that displays or downloads ads to generate revenue for the author. While it is important to note that some software is legitimate, ad-supported shareware in which users consent to see ads in exchange for the right to use the software, increasingly some developers have been creating aggressive malware, hijacking browsers and operating systems with forced ads and sometimes silently spying on your activities and reporting them to the developer.

The Latest Malware

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Remote Technical Assistance

We can remotely connect to your computer through a secure connection and troubleshoot a variety of typical PC software problems. We can remove viruses and malware, install anti-virus software, repair registries and device drivers, install updates and much more. You don't even need to know that much about computers; our experts handle it all.

Smartphone Assistance?

Do you own or plan to buy a new smartphone? Whether you want a Blackberry ®, Android or Apple iPhone we can help you set it up and walk you through syncing and maintaining your mobile device. If you're having trouble with your existing phone, we can fix that too.