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Home File Backup, Storage & Emergency File Recovery

In a recent online survey about data backup, 66% of respondents reported losing critical data. For most home users, this meant losing photos of family and friends that are impossible to recreate. Hard drive failure, theft and natural disasters leave millions of people a year without their treasured pictures and movies, account information, financial records and sensitive work documents. Computer Service Authority can help you prevent catastrophic data loss by working with you to develop a convenient, affordable backup solution. Whether you need to restore your system to the exact moment it was lost or simply need to keep important photos and files safe and secure from disaster, call Computer Service Authority before it's too late.

If you've already suffered data loss, we can help with that, too. Many times, information that seems lost can still be recovered from your hard drive. And just because a hard drive fails doesn't mean emergency recovery won't work. You just need an expert to help you find it. If you accidentally delete something or if your hard drive fails, call us immediately to increase the chances of recovery.

IMPORTANT: Don't attempt to recover the file(s) yourself and don't use the affected desktop or laptop for anything until you've spoken with one of our computer technicians. You could risk overwriting or damaging the data.

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Disaster Planning & Data Backup Strategies for Business

All businesses have insurance policies for their company, many maintaining multiple polices. Unfortunately, when it comes to data backup and storage those same companies often fall short and don't adequately plan for disaster — following incomplete or faulty backup strategies or simply not backing up at all. According to a 2009 Symantec survey of 1,425 businesses, 47% had not made backups of their desktop PCs and laptops and 38% failed to backup their servers. More sobering still, consider the recent finding of The National Archives & Records Administration which stated that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months of the disaster. Other studies show they many never re-open at all.

Developing and implementing a practical backup strategy for your business is critical. Computer Service Authority has been helping businesses protect themselves from catastrophic data loss for over twenty years. We'll evaluate your data backup and storage needs, upgrade existing hardware and software as necessary and train your staff to follow data backup best practices. We'll make sure your data and your business is secure. Call us today for a consultation.

If your business has already lost critical data, we also provide emergency data recovery services. Call us immediately and our expert computer technicians will attempt to restore your lost files with our specialized software.

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Remote Technical Assistance

We can remotely connect to your computer through a secure connection and troubleshoot a variety of typical PC software problems. We can remove viruses and malware, install anti-virus software, repair registries and device drivers, install updates and much more. You don't even need to know that much about computers; our experts handle it all.